Why Tiles are Preferred over Carpets?

Why Tiles are Preferred over Carpets?

Recently, the trend of using carpets for flooring has evolved to tiles & marbles flooring. As carpets were the traditional trend one day but the trend has changed substantially and people are moving to tiles and marble flooring.

Why The Evolution From Carpets To Tiles?

Previously, tiles couldn’t grab people’s attention as much as carpets due to carpets’ various colors, design patterns, and prices. In addition to that, carpets can be easily cleaned via washing or vacuuming it.

Where Are Carpets Used Now?

Carpets are still commonly used for decoration purposes. At tiles and tools, you can find a number of products in the carpets category which includes both synthetic & woolen carpets. Some carpets are manufactured in factories on a large scale whereas other carpets are woven by hand what increases its price.

What Suits You More? Carpets or Tiles?

It depends on you and what surrounds you. For instance, in babies' day care centers carpets are still preferred over tiles as it has a soft surface.

Tiles and Tools experts recommend using tiles flooring as it is the modern trend that long-term stability, low maintenance, high resistance to water & heat, and most of all, a huge variety of colors and textures.

Also, you can use carpets with tiles to add a decorative touch.

Tiles and Tools provides all types of home building products that not only include tiles but also carpets and many other products.

To view our catalog you can visit Tiles and Tools website and order the products online.


When comparing between tiles and carpets, a lot of people prefer tiles because of its various types, different shapes and sizes, several colors and designs. However, carpets are still commonly used in homes and companies decoration.

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