Creative kid’s room cost nothing

Creative kid’s room cost nothing

Your kid’s room is a special world, it differs from any other room where reality combines with imagination, moreover it includes all your kid’s details which you care about and adore. In addition it enables you to create and think out of the box, but to design a unique and elegant room for your kid on a budget you can follow the coming tips:

1-   Frame your kid’s paintings and put it in an organized pattern, it’s a simple way which will cost you nothing and will give great result.

2-  Choose long lasting furniture to fit your kid’s ages like drawer or closet and you can control how they look through painting them with different colors or add some stickers to change the look completely.

3-  Choose a floor that is easy to clean and proper for the over activity of the kid, you can control how the floor looks through changing the carpet, choose one or many small carpets to create a specific pattern.

4-  Painting color is one of the room’s main elements. Choose a color that is suitable for your kid’s character, or choose two consistent colors as kids’ room is a place where you can create and use more the one color. Make sure that the paint type is easy to clean.

5-  Allocate a defined area on one of the walls and paint it as chalkboard so your kid can paint or write or even hang his paintings on the wall without make the room looks untidy and dirty.

6-  Room’s lighting, try to make a distributed lighting system all over the room, take in consideration the natural light that enter the room and its direction, you can rely on one main source of lighting and another secondary one on the desk where your kid study.

7-  Use smart furniture those pieces which are dual-function furniture, they save space to store your kid’s books and clothes and have a free space at the same time.

8-   The window is not only for entering the light, you can use it as a decoration as you can draw some paintings on the glass or some wall art around; this will not cost you a lot.

9-   Decorate his room with his handmade accessories; this will help him being creative and smart.

10-              You can replace the wooden bed with metal one as it is  cheaper, you can also has this bed that can be folded to the wall.




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