Best Types of Bathroom Floor Tiles

Best Types of Bathroom Floor Tiles

You need to be keen while choosing your bathroom floor tiles as choosing bad materials may cause huge problems over time what may lead you to change the whole bathroom that may cost you a lot of money in addition to causing anxiety to family members.

So, as the bathroom is just like any other room that needs huge care, you need to choose the best types of bathroom floor tiles not to face any problems in the future.

In the following, Tiles Tools blog presents 5 of the best types of bathroom floor tiles.

Best Types of Bathroom Floor Tiles:


Pros: one of the best bathroom floor tiles that is commonly used due to its numerous shapes and colors as you can find the big tile ceramic and the small tile ceramic such in the mosaic that is featured by its artistic look and attractive colors. This is in addition to being easy-to-clean affordable tiles. Also, there are designs of ceramic that looks like wood and natural stones.

Cons: ceramic is easy slipping tiles and in case it got broken it’s hard to be maintained.


Pros: considered as one of the best types of bathroom floor tiles as it’s featured by its great look, strength, durability, and it’s also easy-to-clean tiles characterized by its shine. However, it’s suitable more for large spaces.

Cons: it’s more expensive than the ceramic.


Pros: this is also a good type of bathroom floor tiles that is featured by luxury, attractive colors and designs. It also bears time factors and it is easy to be cleaned.

Cons: expensive and its maintenance is really costly.


Pros: vinyl bathroom floor tiles are economical tiles that are easy-to-install as you can install it yourself. Also, it’s featured by the stunning 3D looks.

Cons: despite that it’s easy-to-install, but it’s hard-to-remove. In addition to being easy slipping tiles.


Pros: this type of bathroom floor tiles is featured by the warm, calm and elegant appearance. Also, it’s easy to install and remove.

Cons: wood sucks water what makes it needs maintenance every now and then. However, there are different types of wood such as the solid wood and the engineered wood which are moisture resistant.

Above, Tiles Tools blog presented 5 types of bathroom floor tiles to guide you while choosing yours.

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