Armored Doors for a Safe Life

Armored Doors for a Safe Life

As we’ve tackled before there are numerous types of wooden doors and glass doors. There’s also the armored doors that people usually use when looking for safety and security. However, maybe previously people used to choose such type of doors for villas and palaces but, nowadays it becomes commonly used in apartments and different types of residential units as it provides the residents an additional safety and protection layer.

In this article, Tiles Tools blog tackles the advantages of using armored doors and every tiny detail concerning it.

Features of Armored Doors:

  • Characterized by safety, quality and hardness
  • Characterized by the distinctive and attractive shape
  • Anti-theft
  • Sound insulator
  • Various sizes, colors and models
  • It’s impossible to open an armored door with a copy of its original key
  • Some types of keys can’t be imitated
  • In case of trying to open the armored door by force, it makes a loud noise
  • The armored doors are surrounded by a strong rubber frame what makes it dustproof

As for the Types of Armored Doors:

There are different types of armored doors, the Turkish one (and this is one of the best types and the most expensive one), the Chinese (the cheapest), the Malaysian, the Italian and the Egyptian.

The Composition of Armored Doors:

Armored doors usually consist of many layers as the outer layer always consists of the MDF while the filler consists of sound-resistant rock wool, in addition to another layer that consists of sheet metal that its thickness differs from one company to another.

So, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re looking for protection and security you should go for armored doors that will guarantee you the safety you are looking for.

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