Interior Color Trends 2019 Neutral Takes Control

Interior Color Trends 2019 Neutral Takes Control

Décor colors such as anything vary every now and then and at the beginning of every year, new colors show up and interior designers start to use it in new styles.

So, if you’re into décor trends or if you’re about to finish your apartment. This article provides a list of interior color trends 2019.

Interior Color Trends 2019:


You may have noticed that lilac gray was used a lot at the end of the year in décor painting and furniture as it’s a soft neutral color that can be used in parallel with different colors and it’s characterized by not being so obvious like black and white. Lilac gray is one of the interior color trends 2019 that you’ll see a lot in new décor and furniture pieces.


Soft clay is a great alternative for beige and brown as using it instead of these colors adds a sunny touch while keeping its elegance. It’s a neutral color as well that can be used with any other color and in any room. Clay is one of the softest interior color trends 2019.


Mushroom is a new fabulous color and it’s the result of mixing brown and gray. Also, mushroom is a neutral color that is considered as the newest one of interior color trends 2019. In addition to that, it's a neutral gender color. It also fits living and reception rooms.


Are you a starry-eyed?

If so, then you are looking for peace. You can create your peace zone by choosing the appropriate colors. So, mist blue is a cute color of the interior color trends 2019.

Also, being misty and bright makes it kind of neutral color.


Pastel colors are not new yes. But, the new thing that particular tones will be used with the dark tones of such colors like blue, mustard, purple and others.

New neutral colors take control over furniture and interior color trends 2019.

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