Tips for Choosing Carpets

Tips for Choosing Carpets

Small details make a big difference and home carpets are one of these small details. Carpet is more than a floor cover. It’s an important décor element. However, people get confused when picking home carpets.

That’s why Tiles Tools will give you tips for choosing carpets.

Three Tips for Choosing Carpets:

Picking Carpet's Perfect Color:

If you have colorful furniture, you should pick neutral colors for your carpet and vice versa.

Also, you should pick a light color for the small rooms’ carpet to make it look larger. Nevertheless, in the case of large rooms, go for the dark tones what makes the rooms feel cozy.

Considering Room Space:

If your room has a rectangle shape, you should pick a carpet with a rectangle shape as well. But, if it is a square shape room, then you should go for a square shape carpet likewise.


  • Select colorful carpets for the children room
  • Consider using light-toned and neutral shades for the living room carpet that looks elegant and luxurious
  • In case the room contains a table, then the carpet should be bigger than it
  • It’s recommended to put a small carpet in front of the door to make your space appear bigger

Before making your decision, check the above tips for choosing carpets provided by Tiles Tools.

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