How To Renew Your Home Design

How To Renew Your Home Design

Home Design

is a main and important factor to feel relax and joy so seeking to change and renew it has a positive and touchable effect on your mental health and it renews your sense of happiness because your home is your main source of happiness.
a recent study proved that the change of home design details continuously will create an atmosphere of family peace and family members and the attachment of family members with the house and it also helps develop a sense of belonging and love for home.

In this article we will talk about the ideas you can use it in your home design changing:


1- Lighting:

Lighting is one of the most important elements which has an effect on home decoration and it also has a special magical effect on the mental health so that's why you should choose the suitable lighting for every place in your home, using a different type of lighting has an effect on home decoration and its appearance differently, so that it's possible to allocate it and highlight the main places and the dim light for the least important ones.

And here you can find a lot of ideas about lighting renew:

5 Fun Ideas for Extra Rooms in House



2- Paint colour changing:

Paint colour changing one of the changes which will make you feel the difference in your home because it's one of the main factors in home appearance changing, bold and clear colours are suitable for living room and but the light colours are more suitable for the places with a small space because it makes you feel that the place is wider than its look, and we don’t advice with one colour for the whole rooms because it will make you feel bored and there should be asymmetry and harmony between the colours and that what professionals will help you in.


3- Utilization of space:


Utilization of space which already exists in your home it will add a beauty side if we use it in a right way and without a mess, like using a shelf in the living room for books or small antiques and you can use it in the kitchen or the bathroom if you have a large and empty space you can use it as a games or sports room.

In this article you will find a lot of ideas for the utilization of large and empty space:

New ideas to renew your home lighting



4-Bathroom design changing:

many ideas for bathroom design changing like paint colour changing with a light colour or with your favourite one and change the cupboards' colour with a colour which fitting the wall's paint to create a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere, and as we said before the lighting change and renew is a main factor to makes you feel comfortable and it also makes you feel that the place is wider than its look, It is very good and useful to install side and ceiling lights because it will give a wider spread of light.


5-Balcony design changing:

The balcony isn’t just a place to put down your home mess but it also a place to relax, change your mind and enjoy the air, in a few steps you can turn your balcony to your favourite and unique spot in your home, and we can exploit the wall by putting light spots it will create a special decoration and lighting at the same time you can also hang a shelf and put home accessories or books.


6-Kitchen design:

Changing kitchen tiles or ceramics one of the best kitchen beautification ideas and change the design for the better, and if the lighting poor or old we can exchange it with a new one and more suitable for kitchen atmosphere.

The old kitchens are made of old materials and we can exchange it with a new one which made of new materials which rust resistant


By applying these ideas you will reach the result which will make you feel the change in your home

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