The Foundation

Established in 1989, as a subsidiary of Ezz Industries, an experienced manufacturing group of building materials, GEMMA is recognized as the leading brand for quality Ceramic, Porcelain and decorative accessories in Egypt. From a fully integrated production facility, emerges a wide assortment of high quality, innovative products that have placed GEMMA as the top interior decorating and styling tile company in the region.

The Way

Over the past twenty years, GEMMA has been fostering its leadership whilst sustaining growth in the global market. By reaching production levels exceeding 18 million square meters of high quality single fired ceramic and porcelain tiles, and a selection of matching decorative tiles, GEMMA has succeeded in the global market with its extensive range of products for both commercial and residential use. Floor and wall tiles, in various formats and designs, and matching accessories, are available for different types of exceptional interior decoration. The elegant creations that compliment outstanding quality have always been and still remain the main interest of the company.

Contact :

  • Tel:+(202) 33778862/4/5/7
  • Fax: +(202) 33778850/2